About us

Business Without Borders (BWB) is a non-governmental organization which addresses interested people in the field of Entrepreneurship, both Business and Social areas.

BWB Romania’s main goal is to create the appropriate tools and to provide people with the support they need in order to access information and to experience real-life situations in the field of entrepreneurship and management. BWB Romania’s main target group consists of people aged over 18, future entrepreneurs with no or low experience, regardless of their social background, who have both the interest and the abilities for gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in entrepreneurship. The people involved must have the capacity to learn, to put theory in practice, to find the optimal solutions and last but not least, to enjoy being an entrepreneur.

BWB provides education, training and consulting for young people interested in establishing their own business through practically-oriented activities and theme workshops.  BWB Romania aims at supporting and encouraging original business views and self-initiative.

BWB Romania cooperates with experienced business people, other educational partners or NGOs in order to raise support and to get more active involvement in conducting and developing the training and the business starting process

BWB Romania is interested to partner with world-wide organizations that have common interests. We truly believe in “Think globally, act locally”. In Iasi,  our home town, we organize sharing experience meetings with proactive students, local entrepreneurs and expats living here.

BWB started as a youth project along with other international youth proposals initiated in the Youth Action Forum (September 2004, Macedonia), with participation of entrepreneurs from UK and South-East Europe region (Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania) with support offered by the British Council.