All Together for Modern Art (2015-2017)

All Together to Empower Modern Art (planed for 2015-2017)

Main goal:

Bringing together young people from both sectors: creative industries (arts, crafting, hand made categories etc) and economic field (economists, business consultants etc) in order to develop new strategies in promoting modern art and creating new business models.

Target group:

People living in the partner countries that have artistic background and/or competencies, people that love to handcraft with the purpose to do this for living, together with people in economic field that need a boost in their actions or are at the begining of their carreers.  Considering the above, there will be encouraged to participate people that live in rural parts or isolated regions, women or man that want a career change and have not such extended opportunities, women that recently became mothers and they need an extra activity.


The first objective is to bring the local groups of beneficiaries together offering entrepreneurial trainings – business plans – sustained in each country aiming to create the working groups

The second objective is to develop their business and social entrepreneurial skills through shared experiences with peers in the other countries and continuous mentoring on their business plans

The third objective is to promote these new business models to other parties through a dedicated platform

The forth objective is at the end of the project to have at least one new art product that will have influences from all partners and will be used as the image of the platform.


  • Cultural exchanges
  • Entrepreneurial mind set – boosting the modern art sector and also offering to economist new chances to expand their experience
  • New methods of social inclusion and solving disparities
  • Easy to multiply by other interested groups in European countries

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