Call for volunteers

What are we looking for?

It does not matter if you have an outgoing personality or you like more to do your research and work alone. We are interested in people  that:

  • are truly passionate about entrepreneurship
  • are interested to promote their vision in social/business field by sharing good articles, best practices
  • are willing to spend from 2 to 5 hours/week for mainly online activities
  • are trustworthy and know how to communicate in time if a completion of a task is in danger
  • are creative and want to try new tools in online world
  • want to be promoter of the business activity in their region (especially in SEE countries & UK)

What’s in it for you?

You will be:

  • part of an international network
  • invited to travel and join us in the activities during European projects
  • our dear colleague and we will promote you
  • in connection with us in order to set up good plans of action
  • invited to learn more about project management in NGO and to ask for resources for your development

What else?

If you want to give it a try, contact us at or complete the form. We will be back to you asap.



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