From 12th to 18th May 2013, 10 participants from Bulgaria, Croatia,  Cyprus,  Germany, Italy,  Macedonia, Slovakia,  UK, accepted the challenge to discover their potential as entrepreneurs during the Grundtvig workshop “Entrepreneur in the Mirror”. They were selected out of a number of 60 applicants.

All of the 10 participants had interesting business ideas from a wide range of services/ domains. From agriculture to expats counseling, from touristic services to an African-European entrepreneurial network, all these ideas have high potential to become successful businesses.

One day of the workshop, working in 3 groups, they had the tasks to compare differences in starting a business in their countries, to discover the touristic potential of Iasi and to find out the top 3 domains of investment in Iasi.

Participants could find out more about entrepreneurship in Iasi and meet local young entrepreneurs. Strong bonds were set between them, which in some cases turned into business collaborations or partnerships.



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