1. For 2 years, from 2011 to2013, it will be developed Grundtvig Partnership “Teach Innovation Best – T.I.Best” between Provincia di Teramo (Italy), Szczecinska Szkola Wyzsa Collegium Balticum (Poland), EEO Group S.A. (Greece), F2Innova S.L. (Spain), Diyabarkir Valiligi (Turkey) and Business Without Borders (Romania). The partnership aims to discover training tools which would help managers of SME’s or future entrepreneurs to improve and inovate their businesses.

Throughout 12 mobilities, partners will work together, but also work in partnerships, as follows: Romania and Turkey will develop training tools on Human Resources; Italy and Poland will develop training tools on Public Relations; the partners from Spain and Greece will develop training tools on Quality. All these innovative tools will be presented in a Pilot Test (Workshop), organized by each partner in its city.

  1. Business Without Borders conducted a research on innovation in business based on 73 questionnaires filled in by managers of SME’s in the countries of the partners.  The research and its conclusion were presented for the first time at the TIBEST Conference in Provincia Teramo (Italy) in front of a 100 people audience, but also at various entrepreneurial events and trainings organized by every partner.

           Research on the field TIBEST

  1. From 19thto 22ndMarch 2013, in Iasi was held the 4th TIBest Transnational Meeting. Partners from Poland and Greece worked together on developing the Pilot Test plan – the Workshop, which will be organised in all partners’ institutions in order to present innovative tools developed in Human Resources, Quality and PR.

Also, our partners became acquainted with part of cultural heritage of Province of Moldavia.

  1. The innovative tools of Human Resources were presented during a workshop where participated entrepreneurs, unemployed, but also employees with entrepreneurial ideas. The conclusions of the workshop are presented in the following document:  Pilot Test Report Romania.
  1. In order to mark the close of the TIBest Partnership, BWB organised an event where participants could find out more about the activities fulfilled during the partnership, the outcomes of the project, the Human Resources tools and details about Grundtvig funds.

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